Nalu Hawaiian Spirit

Nalu Hawaiian Spirit is an relaxed and edgy Hawaiian

Clothing Brand and Lifestyle that celebrates and

promotes the Aloha Spirit across the globe. 

We are based In Honolulu, Hawaii.

Nalu Hawaiian Spirit represents the Aloha Spirit and

the way of life that is centered around 3 core elements.

Culture. People. Land

Mo'omeheu. Na kanaka. Aina.


Mo'omeheu "Culture" : Perpetuating the traditional Hawaiian



Na Kanaka "People" : Embracing diversity and treat

others as a part of your Ohana. 


Aina "Land" : Respecting and protecting our land by

giving back what we take from our land.






Studio Nalu Hawaiian Spirit

A shop to “Bring Aloha Home”

Local Art by Local Artists and Designers.

A space inside the heart of Waikiki, for local

artists to express their “ALOHA” to all the

visitors and locals that come to Hawaii.

We have a talented creative collective from

fine artists, graphic designers,

illustrators, painters, jewelry designers,

wood makers, coffee makers, soaps,

body scrubs, etc..













Nalu Hawaiian Spirit Media

We also curate daily Hawaii Life,

through Film & Media.

Nalu Hawaiian Spirit meets

Hawaii Culture, Food, Lifestyle and Activities

in the State of Hawaii.