Studio Nalu Hawaiian Spirit

Meet our Local Artists


Sebo Art

Aloha! Chris Sebo is a painter and artist. His paintings are created by the beautiful environment that surrounds himself. His dream is to share his passion and journey with the world through Art.

His signature paintings of seascapes, the ocean and the natural beauty that surrounds Hawaii is showcased through his Art Prints and his unique mini-surfboards.



Emakai Hawaii 

Aloha! Sheila Rich,  Jewelry Designer Based in North Shore, Hawaii,  Emakai Jewerly and home decor inspired by the ocean and tropical living. All sea shells are found and collected naturally and only gathered if the shell is empty from living creatures inside. All sea glass is genuine and tumbled by the ocean unless stated otherwise.

Those lucky enough to experience the aloha spirit and Hawaii know how special it is. I hope to provide a little piece of that with each item I make.



Tamara Brink

Aloha! Tamara's life in Hawaii and Love for "I Ka Aina" or the earth around us is an important cultural value that is developed and present in her art style and technique. Tamara's work is expressed in an abstract fashion with a strong emphasis on shape and color.

Please enjoy as she continues to spread Aloha through her Art Prints and Art Collages.




Passion Moon Potions

Aloha!  Francesca Corinne Sakai, founder and creator of Passion Moon Potions is based on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Her Skin Care Products embodies luxurious and indulgent skin care made with natural vegan friendly ingredients. All products are made WITHOUT harsh chemicals and preservatives.  From her Pineapple Soap, Guava Soap, to Kukui Nut Oil Moisturizing Face and Body Cream, Lavender Perfume Oil, and Peppermint Natural Toothpaste.




7 Sketches

Aloha! Derick Fabian is an artist and graphic designer based in Honolulu. He blends a world of mashup characters that are influenced by Hip - Hop, Cartoons, Anime, Comic books, Manga and Local Culture.

He carries his design over to stickers, canvas prints, t-shirts, hoodies and more. This year he was also a selected artist in POW! WOW! the internationally recognized creative event, held annually in Kaka'ako.